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  • “ No competent labor economist takes the 23-cent wage gap injustice claim seriously. There was an analysis of more then 50 peer reviewed papers commissioned by the Department of Labor, and what they found is that the so-called wage gap is mostly, perhaps entirely, an artefact of the different choices men and women make. Different fields of study, different professions, different balances between home and work… ”

    —    Christina Hoff Sommers: Former philosophy professor and American Author of Who Stole Feminism? How Women have betrayed Women 

    “ Regardless of whether the wage gap is a legitimate issue or not… why do feminists target men as the problem? Shouldn’t they be focusing on the sexist businesses, corporations and employers that are actually guilty of this discrimination? Or is this just another ploy to further demonize and tarnish the entire male gender. ”

    "I need feminism because… I definitely deserve to get PAID as much as (or more than) anyone else."

    - If you are a casual worker, you do not deserve to get paid as much as the store manager. 
    - If you are a high school teacher, you do not deserve to get paid as much as a university professor.
    - If you are a nurse, you do not deserve to get paid as much as a doctor.
    - If you are an apprentice chef, you do not deserve to get paid as much as the head chef.
    - Just because you are a woman, doesn’t mean you deserve to get paid as much, or more than a man (and vice versa).

    No one deserves anything, especially if the only factor contributing to that entitlement is your gender. You earn your pay. Simple as that. If you choose a lower income job, then you need to realise that you will earn a lower income than someone else who has chosen a higher income job. 

    How about an example to make this more clear:

    Now, is it reasonable to call that discrimination towards children? Should we stage protests and demand an intervention to ensure that parents are forced to pay their kids $11.45 for every hour that they stand at their shitty homemade lemonade stall? No, because in the situation involving the children/adults wage gap, it is so blatantly obvious that the statistic involved doesn’t disclose some really crucial information such as:
    - How often do children work, compared to adults?
    - How much time off do children take, compared to adults?
    - How labour intensive is the work children do, compared to adults?
    - Do the majority of children actively choose lower income jobs to accommodate their lifestyles, compared to adults?
    - Do the majority of adults sacrifice a larger portion of their time and lifestyle to take these higher income jobs, compared to children?

    So when we spew around this statistic about women earning 77c for every dollar a man makes… Why isn’t it is so blatantly obvious that the statistic involved doesn’t disclose some really crucial information such as:
    - How often do women work, compared to men?
    - How much time off do women take, compared to men?
    - How labour intensive is the work women do, compared to men?
    - Do the majority of women actively choose lower income jobs to accommodate their lifestyles, compared to the majority of men?
    - Do the majority of men sacrifice a larger portion of their time and lifestyle to take these higher income jobs, compared to women?

    Is this really so hard to comprehend, or are we going to blame the patriarchy again?

    - fraudulentfeminist

    (PS. Most modern countries have some sort of legal watchdog that prevents and punishes discrimination in the workforce. In Australia we have what is called the Fair Work Ombudsman that gives out information and advice and informs you of your legal rights for those who find themselves in situations that involve discrimination. If you are being discriminated against in the workforce, including payment issues, these institutions will help you out. You don’t have an excuse not to ask.

    I need feminism because I shouldn’t have to worry that my gender will stop me from being successful in the male dominated games industry.

    Do we really have to keep doing this? I hate how we completely dehumanize the majority of people working within the games industry by labeling it as a “male dominated games industry”.  The way we use words can be so incredibly manipulative sometimes. When you use words such as “male dominated” it completely removes any sort of human context and replaces it with negative stereotypes because we are throwing around the word “dominated” which will always invoke negative connotations.

    When you say words like “male dominated” you are almost implying that all the men in that particular industry are women-hating bigoted sexists who want to dominate over all of the women. That is a shitty and hurtful generalization to make. I’m going to slightly re-word the above quote:

    “I need feminism because I shouldn’t have to worry that my gender will stop my from being successful in the games industry where 80% of the workforce happen to be really passionate and genuine men who are doing what they love.”

    Yes, I understand that there are still people out there who are still inherently sexist towards women, to the point where it could be considered bigotry. These people are the minorities. There really is only a handful of people who will look at mind blowingly awesome work and deny the applicant because all they saw was the female gender of the creator behind the design.

    Do you know what will actually stop you from being successful in the games industry (or any creative industry for that matter) 99% of the time? Lack of motivation, passion, talent, ambition, and creativity. You need all of this to succeed. We are all on tumblr, and we’ve all seen those amazing images, videos, music clips, or art… Yet the people who created them are absolute nobodies. It goes to show that just because you are insanely talented doesn’t mean you are going to make it if you don’t have the motivation and the passion to dedicate most of your life into getting your work out there and recognized. You can’t expect to have everything handed to you on a silver platter. 

    Saying things like “I can’t be successful because there are lots of men” is a really copout way of giving up. Don’t make excuses. Stop blaming others. 

    - fraudulentfeminist

    I still need feminism because all of my trophies from debate had MEN on top!

    So I have just been down into the basement after seeing this picture, and I found my old Speech and Drama trophies from high school. To my dismay, I found that the ones that did have figures on top were all male.

    Then I looked closer. There were no genitalia, there were no breasts, there wasn’t even any hair! Yes it had muscles, but since men and women both have the ability to train themselves to achieve visible strength, it still wasn’t a giveaway. It was a completely gender neutral figure standing top on of my trophies, yet here I was presuming it was male simply because it was bald and didn’t have breasts.

    Then I remember the hype surrounding the Oscars. I follow a fair amount of feminists myself (gotta keep updated) and there seemed to be a fair amount of disgruntlement surrounding the award figure because it was apparently male.
    Which is now apparently sexism.
    Which is now apparently oppression.
    Which is now apparently a legitimate need for feminism…
    Despite the Oscars award not having a single gender definitive characteristic in the figure!!

    For all we know, this may be a valid claim. Maybe there is an unusually large amount of trophies out there that have figures in suits and fedoras with slight bulges just below the belt that are silently oppressing the recipient of that award. I don’t know.

    My biggest concern is that matters as trivial as the shape of a figure on top of a trophy are being categorized as oppressive. It clearly isn’t sexism if the trophy is being award to the worthy winners, regardless of gender. So if it isn’t sexism and discrimination in the judging process, is this issue seriously solely about the shape of a trophy? Get right out of town.

    - fraudulentfeminist

    note: I would like to add that I don’t believe the women picture above is actually very big at all. She seems like a fairly healthy weight to me. The issue I am addressing here is the message written on her card, because it is something that is commonly circulated by many people. I am not attacking her personally at all, I am analysing the message that she is relaying.

    "I need feminism because me loving my fat body is apparently a radical concept. Smash patriarchal beauty standards!"

    I personally find weight issues a really delicate topic, so I am going to try tread lightly. Before I begin I would firstly like to say that I find it extremely important that people are able to accept their body regardless of their weight. Feeling guilty about yourself and wallowing in self hate is just as unhealthy mentally. Saying that, I also think people need to accept the reality of the dangers and issues their body weight can cause if it is too small or too large. There is nothing positive about ignoring health facts.

    You loving your fat body IS a radical concept, because loving something involves taking proper care of it. If you truly loved your body, you would nourish it with healthy, nutritious meals because that is what bodies thrive on. Likewise, for those who don’t eat enough, loving their bodies does not involve restricting their intake and running on low fuel constantly. You can accept your body the way it is, but loving it means so much more than that. I don’t believe you should feel guilty about the way you are built or the way you let yourself go, but I also don’t believe you should promote unhealthiness by parading it as loving yourself. Accept yourself the way you are, but don’t justify poor lifestyle choices. 

    [source] Fat doesn’t just lie under the skin (subcutaneous fat), it can also accumulate around the internal organs (visceral fat), creating a myriad of health problems. 

    The biggest problem I find with this issue is the fact that this body shaming issue is credited to patriarchal beauty standards. When you blame the patriarchy, you are essentially blaming men. When women struggle with weight, it is somehow acceptable to presume that it is because men hold them to such shallow standards. Yet when men face the exact same struggles it suddenly becomes unreasonable and almost offensive to suggest that women hold men to such shallow standards. It’s a disgusting double standard, it doesn’t address the real issue, and it doesn’t actually help anybody.

    I personally believe that the biggest problem is the huge stigma surrounding diets and dieting. It almost seems like unless you are naturally or effortlessly slim/healthy, than being on a diet or healthy eating plan is something to be ashamed of. Instead of encouraging people to eat well, we shame them because they are trying. They are trying to be healthy and people just sit there and think, “hah… look at that fatty eating a salad, they’re probably going to go home and raid their fatty fat collection of snickers bars from their cupboard." We raise our eyebrows at those who turn down slices of cake for the sake of health, and we give off such an air of superiority about it we’re basically mocking them because we believe they are destined for failure. Both genders are guilty of this. Not just men, not just the patriarchy.

    It is easy to simply brush off issues with ‘the patriarchy!’ but can you see how it doesn’t adequately address the underlying issues? Can you see how to ostracises an entire gender out of an issue that affects everyone? Can you see how it unfairly lays blame on one gender? 

    Simply put, this is one of the reasons why we don’t need feminism. We need a genderless movement that addresses the behaviour of both genders, because both genders are at fault for fat shaming, and both genders are affected by fat shaming. 

    - fraudulentfeminism


    Does my blog “fraudulentfeminist” come across as particularly feminist or anti feminist to you?

    I need feminism because… I haven’t been living under a F***king rock all my life.

    A lot of people presume that people who think they don’t need feminism or that feminism is irrelevant in modern society, are people who are blatantly ignorant towards the struggles women face in society.

    They’re wrong.

    Anti-Feminists are not ignorant. We haven’t been living under f***king rocks all our lives. We understand that there are issues that women face that may seem inconsequential, but they build up over time and pull you down emotionally. Here are a few of them:  

    • Having your opinion dismissed because your passion for a certain topic is blamed on PMS. To make it worse, you can’t even refute this claim because as soon as you try to do so it makes you look defensive which gives them even more reason to believe you are on your period. 
    • Having your authority undermined because a few people aren’t comfortable taking orders from females. Makes you feel like the bitch, even when you are being reasonable and fair in your decisions.
    • A males poor behaviour is dismissed as him just being a man, which is often a perfectly acceptable justification for everyone, as long as his actions do no actual harm to anyone or anything. A females poor behaviour is described as unladylike, and even if she isn’t harming anyone or anything, the behaviour is perceived as being unacceptable for a woman and she is more often judged and side eyed for it.
    • When men mention studying or working in any STEM fields, no one questions it. When females mention the same, people will often make offhand comments like ‘oh, that’s very difficult, you know?’ and it gets under your skin, because you know it would have never been said if you were a male. 
    • Having your career questioned because you earn more than your male partner who is currently a stay-at-home-father of your children. Some people just don’t understand that some women actually want to be the main bread winner of the family, and they will let you know it.  

    No one actually thinks that any of these issues are acceptable or good. The difference between feminism and anti-feminism ideologies in these situations, is that anti-feminists are more open to distinguishing between gendered stereotypes and actual oppression, while feminists will tend to lean more towards the victim complex aspect of all these issues. 

    • Gender based oppression is a legitimate need for feminism, because women are being legally denied the same rights men are entitled too. It is entirely based on their gender and is nothing more than undeniable legal discrimination. 
    • Gender stereotypes are not a legitimate need for feminism, because both genders are affected by them in different ways. When feminism only addresses the issues women face, and dismiss the male issues as male tears or patriarchy backfiring, it is blatant preferential treatment and can be considered discriminatory.

    Now, did you notice that all the points I mentioned above do not have anything to do with any laws or legal rights? That’s right, they were all issues based on gender stereotypes and I could list the same number of alternative issues men face, just as easily. 

    Anti-Feminists aren’t living under rocks, we are just more concerned about the wellbeing of everybody, not just women.

    - fraudulentfeminist

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